How To Style a Graphic Tee

How To Style a Graphic Tee

Not sure how to style your graphic tee besides the cliche' jeans and sneaks? Well continue reading sis for a few outfit ideas to snazz up your favorite tee.

My all time favorite go to look for a boss babe vibe is to grab a blazer and heels for a relaxed yet dressed up look. This look is perfect for quick meetings, coffee runs, and dates. 

My second favorite look is to pair my graphic tees with a flowy or form fitting skirt. This look gives you a more dressed up look without being too formal, perfect for events, dinners, and nights out on the town with your girls. 

My third fave is the popular over sized look, pair your tee with a leather jacket or just wear it as is! A cute sneaker or heel will bring this look together.

Graphic tees are soo versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. No matter how you rock it, make it your own.



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